Linking Natural Chemical Variation in Root Exudates to Rhizobiomes


Durham Brooks*, Schachtman*, Adamec, Doyle, Herr, Russo, Shaffer, Twigg, Van Dijk, Weber


  • Maize exPVP hybrids growing at the Lemnatec Innovation Campus Greenhouses
  • Corn plant in NIC Greenhouse
  • Microscope on lab table

The detailed metabolomic and transcriptomic characterization of the root from Aim 1 will be correlated with root exudate production and microbiome composition in this aim.


  1. Root exudate characterization in maize: mass spectrometry and HPLC
  2. Exploring spatial distribution of exudates with colorimetric analysis
  3. Associating changes in the root and rhizobiome with variation in root exudates
  4. Identify the exudate-stimulated rhizobiome and quantify the feed-back on plant phenotype

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