Aim 3

Aim 3 Root Synthetic Biology: Tool Development and Applications


Cahoon*, Clemente*, Adamec, Alfano, Helikar, Herr, Moriyama, Schnable, Walia, Yu, Zhang,


  • Root Samples on lab counter
Synthetic biology provides tool sets for next-generation crop improvement to deliver multiple genes to precise locations in the host plant genome for expression in specific cell types. By integrating synthetic biology with systems biology (Aim 1), the effects of genetic alterations on cellular metabolism can be more predictability achieved and iteratively improved. Synthetic biology applications can be guided by findings on the influence of root exudates on the rhizobiome (Aim 2) and the effects of environmental perturbations on the interface between root metabolism and soil microbes (Aim 4).


  1. Development of Synthetic Biology Tools
  2. Application of Synthetic Biology Tools for Improvement of Root Traits

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